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Send your customers and organization members targeted text or MMS message marketing campaigns at an unbelievable price. Serving thousands of satisfied customers since 2011!




3 Keywords (Your Pick)
No Contracts or Setup Fees
2 Cents/Text Message


Ideal for small businesses or events

Dedicated Text Number

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Unlimited Keywords (Your PIck)
SMS and MMS Enabled

Individually Reply To Subscribers
Inbound Voicemail Enabled


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Dedicated Text Number

Ideal for all sized growing businesses

Regardless of the data, Betwext texting services give you the power to easily import existing subscribers or add new subscribers so you can begin sending campaigns immediately.  Betwext offers you the ability to auto-generate sign up forms for each of your lists.  You simply generate the html code once you select a list with the click of a button.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you and get set up in minutes!

Easily add to and grow your subscriber database!

Auto-response to keywords. Easy text to join campaigns

With automated keyword responses, you can set up as many keywords pending the plan you pick and allow anyone to text for information, without having to manage a thing! Go to your dashboard to view all responses. You can also select to have an email or text notification sent to you that includes each subscriber's response.

Segment, target, and convert like never before!

With intuitive list management built right in, you can quickly and easily send effective, segmented campaigns to your subscribers.  List building is what we're all about. Enjoy tools that help you be successful such as campaign templates (with marketing examples), link shortening and educational case studies to help you model your next campaign.



The features just keep on coming!

You need an affordable option for your keywords, unlimited lists, unlimited subscribers, and a dedicated number. With Betwext you can pick ANY keyword you like. Most other companies offer shared short codes.  With Betwext your long code texting number is only used by YOU and your business.


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-- Craig Grimm, Founder of

Betwext's Text messaging is instant… and people get too many emails already. I signed up with Betwext for two reasons, the low price, and no commitment or contracts

I sent out a Happy Mothers Day Text and received $1,400.00 in new orders. I picked Betwext because it didn’t have a start-up fee or big monthly cost.

-- Dr. Eshe Faizah, Owner of

Five Star Rating And One of The Top Text Message Marketing Service Companies of 2016*


Betwext serves both Canadian and U.S. customers! You do not need to select a country specific version of a subscription package. You'll be assigned the appropriate service based on your billing address.

  • Dedicated Texting Number
  • No Contracts/Setup Fees
  • 3 Keywords
  • 2 Cents/Text Message
  • Set Date and Time To Send
  • Upload Unlimited Contacts
  • Mobile Responsive App
  • Signup Form Widgets
  • Mobile Campaign Tools
  • Incredible Support
  • USA and CDN Coverage
  • All Gold Features +
  • Customized Loyalty Rewards
  • Virtual Punch Card
  • API Access
  • Birthday Notification System
  • Customized Setup Help
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Customized Campaign Suggestions
  • Business Support Options
  • Contact: Or Call (888) 885-4384
  • Mention special code: TEXT20
  • All Silver Features +
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • MMS Sending Enabled (Picture/Video)
  • 2 Cents Per Text
  • 4 Cents Per MMS
  • Extended Text Options (450 characters)
  • Individualized Response Capability
  • Email Notification Options
  • Dynamic Notification System
  • Timed Drip/Follow Up Campaigns
  • Voicemail Enabled (Text or Call)

$59 & $99/mo +

Dedicated Account Representative
 Large Volume Sender Technology
API Access & Unlimited Keywords




5 or 10 Rotating Numbers

Explore Pro

Ideal for high volume senders, agencies & retailers

See How We Compare*

Just take a look at how Betwext stacks up against others!


Awarded 2016 Five Star Rating from SMS Marketing Reviews*

In business since 2011 serving 10's of thousands of business owners, event planners, and growing organizations.


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100% TPCA and CTIA Compliant

Carriers require specific information be included wherever you send a marketing message, or where users are invited to sign up to your texting number. We have gone through great lengths to help keep you and your business safe. Here are some general guidelines. 

  • Always add Opt-out language to each message.  Example STOP to End (in bold).
  • Store and Capture Subscriber Data for Minimum of 4 Years. This should include Phone #, IP and opt-in URL.
  • Include business name upon signup. Example " you're receiving this text from ______ "
  • Include "Msg & Data Rates May Apply" message at signup.
  • Terms and Conditions should be current and included along with your Privacy Policy upon signup.
  • Send and store Opt-out confirmation messages.
  • Send at times that make sense for your opt-in subscribers. You'll want to understand and specify time zones.
  • Maintain a DNC (Do Not Call/Do Not Message) lists. 


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